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Youth Tap (9+) October

Students learn the building blocks of tap and music with the vocabulary of tap steps and the element of “language” that enables communication through tap dance creating phrases and progressions that help develop the ability to learn and retain choreography. History, legacy, and possibilities are also a strong foundation of this program.

Youth Tap (9+) October

Welcome to

Youth Tap (9+) October


Claire Sheek

This is where you'll access all of your class content including pre-recorded material and the link to your Zoom Studio! A few helpful hints:

  • Pre-Class material will be available a few days prior to your class meeting time.

    • Be sure to view it before attending your Zoom Class.

    • Remember that you can work through it at your own pace.

    • Take advantage of being able to pause, rewind, speed up and slow down your course work!

    • If you're struggling with something, or have questions: write it down and bring it up in your zoom time so we can work through it together!

  • Zoom meetings will take place at the scheduled class time.

    • If you lose track of your zoom link you can always find it here.​


10:00 PM

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Week 4:

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