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SINCE 1989

Weaving dance into life, weaving life into dance.

Through dance, music, and art we empower individuals to take authentic action toward making the world
a better place.

Tapestry is a multi-form dance center with a variety of dance classes, performances, and collaborations. We cater to all levels of dancers, patrons of the arts, and all styles of dance. We like to play at the intersections of dance, music, and art around the world and across Austin, Texas. Join our community and start weaving dance into your life. Learn more about our offerings below.

Tapestry founders Acia Gray & Deirdre Strand

"When I think back on an actual day that Tapestry was born, it seems only yesterday but is now tied together by decades of incredible resident dancers from around the US and abroad, a vast tapestry of choreography, dozens of full length concept concerts and many unique and individual artists as threads of unique voices, strengths and hope.

Co-Founders of Tapestry Dance

Upcoming & Recent Shows

One of our core tenets is sharing the power of dance through performances, shows, and collaborations, click below to see what's coming up this season for you.

Soul 2 Sole 2024
Take a Dance Class

Everyone should have access to the opportunity to express themselves through dance. We offer a variety of dance styles for adults at all levels.

Get Involved

There are a variety of ways you can support Tapestry. We couldn't do what we do without the support of our community of volunteers, partners, and collaborators.

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