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Weaving Dance

Youth Program

Youth Classes On Hold At This Time.

Youth Program Classes


Whether starting as a beginner or on our pre-professional track, our programs for children are aimed at increasing self-confidence and self-expression. The focus is on guiding and providing the tools necessary for our students to become dancers in the truest sense: through their art, they share themselves with their families and their communities.  Truly weaving dance into their lives!


Our Academy offers dance for all levels and ages with additional opportunities training opportunities during our Annual Soul To Sole Festival for tap and multi-form Summer Intensive Programs and workshops.


The Academy also holds an annual End of Year Demonstration (not required) that shows the progression of technique within the year through choreography started each Spring.  

Tapestry also believes in sharing the power of dance and offers tuition stipends for students on a need and merit basis.  For stipend consideration, please download our Stipend Application and return it in person to front desk or mail directly to

* Since Tapestry Dance Academy is "starting over" with our Youth Program due to the loss of our Western Trails Blvd Space almost five years ago, it will take a little while to build up to our 30 year Anniversary reputation!  Many our our academy alumni have gone on to wonderful professional careers in all forms of dance so  stay patient and more classes will be added as soon as possible.

Dress Code


For all dance shoes and apparel, we recommend Movin' Easy Dancewear on W. 30th St.


Hair must be secured away from the face.


No jewelry is allowed to be worn during class (stud earrings ok).


All instructors reserve the right to ask a dancer to sit and observe the class if they are not properly attired.


Please do not allow your dancer to wear dance shoes outside of the studio.

Ballet/Tap Combo (2-9 year-olds)

Pink leotard, pink tights, petal skirt optional, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes with elastic or velcro closure.


Black dance pants or shorts, white or black t-shirt, black dance shoes appropriate to the style of dance.

Jazz, Contemporary

Leggings or dance shorts, leotard/sports bra or fitted dance top, lyrical shoes or barefoot.


Ballet, Pre-pointe, Pointe

Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet/pointe shoes.



Any dance attire ok, black lace-up oxford-style tap shoes; heels if applicable in choreography only.


Hip Hop

Dance or athletic shorts or leggings, tank top or t-shirt, CLEAN tennis shoes.

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