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Through dance, music, and art we empower individuals to take authentic action toward making the world a better place.

We’ve always believed that dance, music, and art is for everyone and they are present in all of us. By tapping into them, we can connect more deeply to ourselves and each other. We know that there is power in weaving dance into life, and life into dance. We want to provide more opportunities for people to unlock their potential and inspire them to take action towards the things that they care most about.  

Legs of Tapestry
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Acia Gray
Claire Sheek


Siobhan Alexis
Kori Moore


What we envision for the future...

Over the next few years, that means our strategic focuses will be on the following initiatives and projects: 


  • Building an multi-form academy for adults and teens with a variety of classes for dance, music, and art

  • Increasing our capacity for growth with a larger staff, volunteer base, and innovative ways of using our space

  • Sharing dance through performance to more of our community

  • Collaborating and partnering with other dancers, musicians, and artists 

We want to continue to build Tapestry into a community center that celebrates and supports the intersection of dance, music, art, and humanity. 
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