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Soul to Sole Courses

2020 / 2.5 ONLINE COURSES!

Settling Into Swing

Advanced-Beginner / Low Intermediate

Tasha Lawson

First sink into the groove and base line of the tune, then play the melody over top. 

We will work with a 32 bar standard, exploring all of the instrumentation using counterpoint.

An exploration of phrasing, shading and musical structure.


Singin' & Swingin!

Advanced-Beginner / Low Intermediate

Nicole Hockenberry

Learn to sing and swing as we dive into the musicality of tap dance! 



Intermediate / Advanced

Nicholas Van Young

The Soul of his Feet


The Language of Tap Dance - What are You Saying?

Intermediate / Advanced

Tone, Anacrusis, Phrasing, Emotions and the Communication of Tap Dance


Core Consciousness


Siobhan Alexis

A technique based choreography course that teaches dancers to store choreography in their bodies while challenging

their musical minds with fast-paced, syncopated phrasing. 


My Favorite Things


Explore a piece of improvography that will remind you of all your “Favorite Things.” 



Jason Janas

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