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Online Course Descriptions

If not in the USA, use 78745 for the zip code as a placeholder when registering.

Settling Into Swing

Advanced-Beginner / Low Intermediate

Tasha Lawson

First sink into the groove and base line of the tune, then play the melody over top. 

We will work with a 32 bar standard, exploring all of the instrumentation using counterpoint.

An exploration of phrasing, shading and musical structure.


Singin' & Swingin!

Advanced-Beginner / Low Intermediate

Nicole Hockenberry

Learn to sing and swing as we dive into the musicality of tap dance! 


I Have No Idea... Or Maybe All My Ideas?

Intermediate / Advanced

Nicholas Van Young

"It's 'appropriate and perfect for the times..." - Acia


The Language of Tap Dance - What are You Saying?

Intermediate / Advanced

Acia Gray

Tone, Anacrusis, Phrasing, Emotions and the Communication of Tap Dance


Core Consciousness


Siobhan Alexis

A technique based choreography course that teaches dancers to store choreography in their bodies while challenging

their musical minds with fast-paced, syncopated phrasing. 


My Favorite Things


Tony Merriwether

Explore a piece of improvography that will remind you of all your “Favorite Things.” 

Tap As a First Language


Jason Janas

There are only so many steps. How they are put together and the stories they tell is what it is.

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department

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