In support of the ongoing and vital #blacklivesmatter protests and in solidarity with the Black artists in our tap dance faculty and community, the 20th Soul to Sole Festival was cancelled on June 6th, 2020.

Tapestry Dance Company will always stand by and support these artists and we look forward to the future of a loving and inclusive America to carry on the legacy of our incredible art form. Together.


As tap dancers, we only have the honor to dance today due to the struggles and sacrifices of our great Black tap dancers in history.  


We ask that you take ACTION and support these incredible artists today in this struggle.  Support ALL of our Black citizens NOW and into the future in all ways that you can. 


This is a long and uphill battle; a battle against a deeply rooted system of white privilege and control that must end; a truth that many do not and will not acknowledge. 


The TRUTH will set us all free.

LISTEN to it.

EDUCATE yourself.

SHARE that knowledge.

SUPPORT Black Souls.



One step at a time.  Let us take big ones.


Annual Soul to Sole Festival 2020 Teaser

Hold the Dates

June 9th -13th, 2021

Austin, TX


Founded as The Austin Tap Jam in 1992 with founding guest artists Dianne Walker & Sarah Petronio, Tapestry's Soul to Sole Festival has hosted numerous legendary tap dance artists including Fayard Nicholas, Arthur Duncan, Jeni LeGon, Skip Cunningham and such pioneers such as Brenda Bufalino, Sarah Petronio, Dianne Walker, Jane Goldberg, Heather Cornell and more along with dozens of current contemporary leaders in the field including Derick Grant, Jason Samuels-Smith, Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards , Michelle Dorrance, Bril Barrett and Tapestry's own Nicholas Van Young among many others.

This unique and amazing festival brings the passion of tap dance & its history to the forefront with hundreds of feet
keeping time in a true celebration of rhythm. 


For more information email

This project is supported in part by

The Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department

The National Endowment for the Arts

2015 East Riverside Drive /  Austin TX  / 512-4-RHYTHM

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