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We’re back! Hear from our new Board President, Libbi Sampleton, about what’s to come for Tapestry’s 20-21 Season.

“Hello to all of you beautiful threads that make up our Tapestry community, I’m Libbi Sampleton, our new board president, and I’m here to tell you that after a short hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are back and ready to continue sharing the power of dance with you through education and performance. During our shut down we had thoughtful deliberation about how to safely reopen, and we have decided that an online format is the best way to continue our mission while keeping our community safe and healthy. With that being said, starting September 1st, our academy will offer an array of movement technique classes that are diverse in style and rich in cultural history. Our faculty and staff are working hard to offer the best online dance experience possible. You can support us by getting involved, taking classes, donating, and we hope to see you in the studio when it is safe. Our Tapestry community is strengthened by every thread and we look forward to moving through these time with you together.”

The Professional Company 2020-2021 Season Healing & Justice Stay Tuned #BLACKLIVESMATTER

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