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A Jazz Tap Holiday! - Livestreamed from Parker Jazz Club

Don't miss Tapestry Dance Company's upcoming performance of "A Jazz Tap Holiday" Sunday, December, 20 at 2:30PM CST Featuring Special Guests Cathie Sheridan & Zell Miller III Donation Based Tickets

This holiday season got here in a hurry, and Tapestry Dance Company is performing in the flurry. "A Jazz Tap Holiday!" will include music from Of Mice & Music, and will be live-streamed from Parker Jazz Club for some really great acoustics. We will miss the mice that scurry, and the tacky Christmas sweaters that soothe our worries. But we are committed to spreading the holiday cheer, even in this 2020 kind of year. Get your tickets today! You don't want to miss "A Jazz Tap Holiday!"

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