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Frequently Asked Questions

If not in the USA, use 78745 for the zip code as a placeholder when registering.

Do you have a help desk?

Phone: 512-474-9846 or for registration questions or general help.

Do I have to purchase a Track?

No. Individual classes and events are available for purchase as well on our Registration site. Click the "Register" button on any S2S page at any time or if you're ready to register now click here.

Can I buy more than one Track?

Yes!  You can purchase as many tracks as you would like.  Pick one level to take live and save the rest  for the 14 day extended viewing period. 

Are classes and events live or prerecorded?

There will be a mix of live and prerecorded content throughout the festival. All event are live on Zoom. Classes will vary by faculty members preference. Questions? Email us at or call 512-474-9846

What if I can't see my class at the scheduled time?

If for any reason you have a technical difficulty during the festival, please let us know at and we will get back to you ASAP.  You have a 14 day extended viewing period for all classes and courses for extra time as well as any of these possible virtual issues.

How do I audition for Tapestry?

Email before June 15th, 2020 for 2020/2021 season for information. Info here.

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