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Mission Statement

Though dance, music and art we empower individuals to take authentic action toward making the world a better place.

Under the direction of Co-founder and Executive/Artistic Director Acia Gray, Tapestry's 33rd season is moving forward one step at a time fulfilling its mission of "weaving dance into life." Working with dancers and artists from all genres and continuing in the foundation of rhythm, music and communication, Tapestry presents main stage premiere concerts each season as well as one of the oldest festivals celebrating the art of tap dance: The Soul 2 Sole International Tap Festival.

Founded in 1989, Tapestry celebrates dance as an incredible musical and physical experience and goes far into sharing the human condition through thought-provoking performances locally and worldwide. As Austin as our creative home as well, we can changes lives and help impact our community in a positive, collaborative and supportive way. Join us and join the rhythm of life!

As a Stitch in Time and Threads of Change donor you can help Tapestry move forward in our mission through support in overall operations, production and facility support as well as funds as Collaborators and Composers go directly into new and exciting works brought into development and onto the stage. *Choose your giving platform and choose our suggested memberships or a gift amount of any level of your own!

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