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Music Theory for People That Move!



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Start Date

January 7, 2021

Course length

6 Week

Weekly Content

1 Hour

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Mark “Kaz” Kazanoff

15-20 min Pre-Class Video, followed by a 40 minute weekly live Zoom meeting with Kaz!

About the course

This course will give dancers (and others) a chance to focus on their constant companion, music. We will
look at general questions about music, rhythm, basic harmonic stuff like scales and keys, melodic and musical phrase and cadences, sectional form.
We will use the ‘Flipped Class’ model, with weekly material (including audio excerpts) presented in a 15-20’
video, followed by a 40’ weekly group Zoom meeting.
Students are expected to work during the week on the material presented in the short video, and to answer the
assignment questions. Discussion and questions are encouraged during the group Zoom meeting.

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