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Weaving Dance

Class Descriptions


Tapestry Pre-Combo Class


Students learn the building blocks and techniques of Jazz at all levels. By incorporating all styles of Jazz we learn about the artists that have contributed to the distinctive style of Jazz dance.  Students learn about technique and style and how to use their bodies to form shapes as well as body awareness and musicality. Barre work, center work, and across the floor exercises allows the class to progress systematically so that both mind and body are engaged. Balance and coordination are achieved by incorporating technique basics into the warm-up. Students learn choreography ranging from Broadway to Contemporary styles developing their ability to learn choreography.

 Jackie Coleman / Academy & Tapestry Professional Alumna


Students learn the building blocks of tap and music with the vocabulary of tap steps and the element of “language” that enables communication through tap dance creating phrases and progressions that help develop the ability to learn and retain choreography. History, legacy, and possibilities are also a strong foundation of this program.

Tony Merriwether/ Academy & Tapestry Professional Alumna

Students learn the foundations of ballet that is the core of all other dance styles. Barre exercises both stretches and strengthens the legs, arms, and core. Students develop discipline, poise and focus in addition to the ability to move gracefully with this classic dance technique.


Pointe is intended for int/advanced dancers who have 3+ years of ballet training. Pointe readiness is evaluated based on physical strength, development, and maturity. Acceptance into this class is on an invitation-only basis.

Deirdre Strand / Tapestry Co-Founder & Education Director


Funky and rhythmic, this class incorporates strength building and stretching with dance technique to build stamina.  Students work on learning choreography quickly and accurately. This includes a variety of contemporary hip-hop routines emphasizing rhythm and precision. Students will learn hip-hop techniques including street dance, break dancing, whacking and more.

Jason Janas / Tapestry Professional Company Alumna


Modern dance not only challenges the body to its physical limits and beyond, it equally challenges the mind. This class will analyze our relationship with the floor, the air, and space between. Through our exploration, we will discover the fundamentals of modern, post-modern, and contemporary dance styles. Dance has its own language and history; each student will be exploring their own dance histories and the ways in which all dance is intertwined, creating related links amongst individuals. The emphasis of this class is to encourage full-bodied movement and proficiency in improvisation.

Molly MacGregor / Academy & Professional Company Alumna 



Heels class is a class for EVERYONE and its all about confidence and power! Inspired by classic Burlesque, heels goes one step further and a few inches higher! You will learn to "own" each 8 count, finishing with a combination worthy of the stage. You will also be working on body alignment techniques to keep you stabilized and safe in your heels. We encourage knee pads to bring for those moments on the floor. Grab your friends and grab your heels, it's time to work!

Will Walker / Academy Staff Alumna 



Students learn about Mexico’s dance origins from the Director of Roy Lozano's Ballet Folklorico de Texas, including the significance of music, costumes and props within the context of regional or national history. Students are taught a variety of physical skills, including body coordination, flexibility, and stamina, and gain enhanced self-esteem.

Acia Gray with Chuy Chacon / Tapestry Dance Company's Esprit

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 5.37.56 AM.png

Learn the fundamentals of Salsa, a social dance style for anyone at any level. Students will progress through the class by learning the basic steps as well as more complex combinations and patterns. Technique, rhythm, and musicality remain core to this dance style in both individual and partner dancing. Students will learn how to combine moves creatively and with fluidity to develop their own unique flavor for the dance floor. No partner required.

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