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2022-2023 Season

The Precious Present Poster
“The Precious Present – In Love & Light”
December 16th-18th, 2022
AustinVentures Studio Theatre / Ballet Austin, Austin, TX
Fri/Sat @ 8pm - Sat/Sun @ 2pm
Tickets on Sale Soon!


“It is in the dance of life that we collaborate with our individuality to create the beautiful orchestra of community.” – Acia Gray, Director


“Who Am I?” is the question for a family of Austin artists and the answers are thread throughout a collaborative concert in the magic of movement and sound.  Featuring some of the most celebrated dance, vocal and music artists Austin has to offer, “The Precious Present” includes vocalist Nagavalli; modern/contemporary dancers Sharon Marroquin; Bharatanatyam master Anuradha Naimpally; local Flamenco legend Olivia Chacon; long-time local African dancer China Smith; flow artist Kelly Bach and director Acia Gray among others TBA.


Opening with “what it is to be present” as a human soul is an “inner voice” presented by recently retired Austin Chronicle arts writer Robert Faires.  With production design by Stephen Pruitt the audience is led by a soundscape of incredible jazz musicians including Masumi Jones on drums, Dylan Jones on bass and Austin Kimble on piano.


This new work celebrates a musical and physical collaboration of diverse voices within our Austin arts ecosystem. All unique yet traveling together and not alone - an artistic human tapestry of life that holds itself together as ONE.

All the Notes Are Already Here Poster
"All The Notes Are Already Here"
April 21st-24th, 2022 / Rollins Theatre, Austin, TX
TH/F/S @ 8pm - Sat/Sun @ 2pm

Tapestry Co-Founder Acia Gray will join interdisciplinary artist Zell Miller III and New York based Bessie Award winner Nicholas Van Young to walk a rhythmic and poetic and perhaps perilous path of questions, memories, perceptions, dreams and solutions(?) to the human condition… the American democratic illusion…and the fragile foundation of self-awareness through rhythm.


That’s the sandbox; the musical soundscape and the challenge for the artists and the audience. “The notes are already there” according to great jazz legend Thelonious Monk. We all just need to listen and play and get a little dirty.  


These three seasoned artists bring questions and the common bonds of music and rhythm through the lenses of their different day-to-day “realities” to the stage. Where do they connect? Why does it matter? 


It does…we all matter. We’re all connected. But we’re not listening.


We are seemingly trying to survive in a skin-deep reality…from the outside in. It’s not working.


Let’s go from the inside out and listen to all the notes that are already here.  What a concept.


Joined by incredible Austin musicians…the stage is set.  Let’s see what happens!


  • ·Acia Gray – Co-founder and Executive/Artistic Director of Tapestry Dance; internationally recognized jazz tap soloist, choreographer and producer; premiere member of The Austin Arts Hall of Fame; numerous “Best Of Austin” awards, NYC “Hoofer Award” recipient among others. 

  • Nicholas Van Young – Associate Director of Dorrance Dance; 2014 Bessie Award winner; STOMP Dance Captain (NYC & Tour); Tapestry Dance Company alumni.

Soul 2 Sole 2022
22nd Annual Soul to Sole Tap Festival
June 8th-12th, 2022 (LIVE)

Nine artistic souls will join together in a rhythmic reunion of “Friends in Time” - a twenty-one-year legacy of Tapestry’s Soul to Sole International Tap Festival and our international friendships through rhythm and legacy.  Events include 58 classes, tap jams, panel discussion and two live performances with the Souls Jazz Trio at The Rollins Theatre, Austin, TX (

All seasoned international soloists and educators, this year’s festival artists include Bril Barrett (MADD Rhythms, Chicago), Alexandria “Brinae Ali” Bradley (Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute, MD / Tapology, MI) , Acia Gray (Tapestry Dance / Austin), Jason Janas (Hoofin’ Ground / Detroit), Tony Merriwether (True Sound Rhythm Productions, CA), Anthony Morigerato (AM Dance, & Operation Tap, NY), Sarah Reich (Tap Music Project, NY), Keith Terry (Crosspulse, CA) and Nicholas Van Young (Dorrance Dance & IFRTRA, NY).

The Long Center/Rollins Theatre

"Rhythm Showcase" - Friday, June 10th @ 8pm

"Friends In Time" - Saturday, June 11th @ 8pm

Free Couch Concerts


Ongoing screenings of Tapestry 30th Anniversary Celebration Performances from the last thirty years featuring leaders in the dance field including Nicholas Van Young, Travis Knights, Tracie Stanfield, Tasha Lawson, Jason Janas & more!

*donations welcome

"Tapestry public projects are supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.”

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